Is it enough with just the Thermotic Inner Jacket or the Vest to be able to float?

Yes, the Inner Jacket and Inner Vest has buoyancy but we recommend to use Themotic Inner Pants to get higher bouyancy and better ballance in the water. The main reason of the clothes is to prevent/delay hypothermia in water and in dry enviroment. You can wear any outdoor clothes on top of the Thermotic Inner clothes and for best result wear a t-shirt under the Thermotic Inner Jacket or Vest. You will stay warm (clothes ventilate very well), its very light and comfortable and if you fall into the water it keeps you floating and Thermotic Inner clothes prevents hypothermia very well. Use Thermotic, then you are well dressed for outdoor activites! * Thermotic Inner Wear is not a life jacket. Be sure to wear a life jacket when you are required to wear a life jacket.

Does the Thermotic clothes breathe?

Yes, very well. It transport the moist to the outer layer of the clothes.

Heard that the clothes should stay on if someone fall into cold water. Is that true?

Yes, it's true. The unique material reflecting the body temperature back to the body. Don't take of the clothes until you are in a warm place.

If just the Thermotic Inner Pants is used, will it turn me uppside down if I fall in the water?

No, you can just use the pants. It's popular to wear inside of the waders but we also recomend to wear a Thermotic Innner Vest or a Jacket. It's a big advantage to have the whole dress when wading in cold water or with strong current if an accitent will appear.

Is it possible to get Thermotic Inner clothes in more colors?

No, the only color is black. For best result Thermotic Inner clothes should be used under the outer layer of clothes. If it's made in differnt colours it's risk it will be used wrong.

In what sizes are Thermotic Inner clothes made?

It's made from XS-5XL Sizes for children comes in two sizes 6-8 year and 9-11 year We just have the most common sizes in stock. If you are after differnt sizes, just send a mail. Delivery time is 7-10 days.

How to wash Thermotic Inner clothes?

Handwash 30 degrees. Let the clothes hang when its drying. Find more instructions of Thermotic Inner clothes under "Material" on the website.

Where can I buy Thermoic Inner clothes in Japan?

On this website and in fishing tackle shops.




はい、とても良いです。 外側に湿気を逃がす独自の縫製構造を採用しています。


はい、その通りです。 布地の特別な縫製構造が体温を保持し、あなたの身体を温めます。 暖かい場所へ行くまでは、THERMOTICを脱がないでください。




現在はブラックのみ販売しています。 アウターの下にインナーとして着用する目的で開発されているため、 ブラックのみを製造しています。


XS から5XLまで取り扱っております。 子供用は、6歳~8歳、9歳~11歳の2サイズご用意しています。 主要なサイズの在庫は確保しております。 それ以外のサイズをご希望の場合、ご連絡ください。 在庫状況によって配達日数は7~10日間要する場合がございますので、 予めご了承ください。


30度のぬるま湯で手洗いし、 ハンガーに干して、自然乾燥してください。 詳しくは「素材とお洗濯について」をご確認ください。